2023 CDT code changes to image-related procedures

March 2023
Charles Blair, DDS

The American Dental Association’s Code Maintenance Committee (CMC) is responsible for keeping the CDT code set timely, relevant, and applicable to the standard practice of dentistry. The updates to the CDT codes in 2023 became effective on January 1. Many of these updates involve dental imaging – including several revisions, new codes, and deletions within the diagnostic category of service. 


One of the most frequently used CDT codes received a revision this year: D0210 intraoral – comprehensive series of radiographic images, commonly referred to as the full mouth series of radiographs. Equivalent changes to those that were made to D0210 were also made to the image capture only variant of the comprehensive series, D0709

What are “image capture only” CDT codes?


“Image Capture Only” CDT codes apply when capture and interpretation are separate procedures performed by different practitioners, such as when utilizing an imaging center. 


The image interpretation procedure is reported separately using D0391, interpretation of a diagnostic image by a practitioner not associated with the capture of the image, including report. Click here to see the full explanation and flowchart from the American Dental Association. 

Additional image-related CDT code changes


Another set of changes for the 2023 CDT code set involves the deletion of D0351 3D photographic image and its image capture only variant D0704, and replacing them with four distinct new CDT codes that better describe the procedures. See D0801, D0802, D0803, and D0804 in Code Advisor or Dental Coding with Confidence for more details.


Six new codes were also introduced in the 2023 CDT code set involving a relatively new dental radiographic technology called stationary intraoral tomosynthesis (sIOT). This new technology utilizes carbon nanotube technology to direct multiple x-ray sources at slightly different angles within a single x-ray head. These convergent beams are directed to an intraoral sensor which produces a stack of intraoral images which are compiled together.

Stay up to date with CDT code changes


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