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Leadership-to-Team Performance


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"Why did'nt they teach this in Dental School?"

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Great Practices aren’t born!  They become who and what they are based on the level of Leadership that is delivered, day-in and day-out.  Look around!  Who are your peers that consistently out-perform most every other dentist?  It all starts with Leadership --- every time! 

Make no mistake!  The degree to which you lead your team dictates the performance of your team, which dictates your production, collections and profit!

The Problems: 

  • Dentists aren’t ‘in the know’, because you are doing dentistry
  • Dentists have little time to ‘Lead’ their team 
  • Dentists confuse managing with Leading -  a big mistake
  • Team members desperately want a leader, not manager
  • Practice Performance is dictated by the level of Leadership
  • Few Leadership resources are available specifically for Dentists
  • Mediocre team performance is killing production and profitability
  • Turnover is very expensive

Leadership:   It’s the right thing to do for your team members, and you.  And, it’s highly profitable.

 So, how are you going to become the best Leader you can possibly be?

Carve these 5 Leadership Protocols in Stone!

  1. Set Clear Expectations 
  2. Communicate the Clear Expectations
  3. Evaluate Performance (not work) to the Set Expectations
  4. Objectively (not subjectively) Measure ‘Before and After’ Performance Results 
  5. Reward and Recognize Improved Performance, or Correct Poor Performance

Obviously, each of these Protocols needs the ‘how to do it’ detail for whatever it is that you are attempting to improve.  So, perhaps the first thing to do is to determine the main things to improve.  Noted below are three of the biggest Key Production Drivers (KPDs).   

These three are highly profitable and a great place to start Leading to Team Performance.   

  1. Fill-the-Chairs – minimize Open Appointments
  2. Case Completion (not Case Acceptance) – improve Completion Results
  3. Patient Experiences – optimize the patient experience (telephone and in the office)

How to start Leading to Team Performance and stop managing?  The Course is only 67 pages, but it is packed with the core tactics, skills and action items to get you on track in a hurry.  Just read through the course and take notes as you go.  Stick with the core principles. 

Return-on-Investment:  This Course can change your life!  The monetary value is priceless!  You can hire an expensive consultant or do it the easy way.  Plus, with Practice Booster, save $70 off of the retail rate of $457, so your net investment is only $387.  Shipping is FREE! 


John Cotton, CEO of Dental Team Performance and Lisa McDaniel, SVP, developed Leadership-to-TeamPerformance for the thousands of dentists that want to improve their leadership skills so they can get away from managing and become a great leader.   For more information about Dental Team Performance, go to


100% Money-Back 30-Day Guarantee:  Just send the Course back to our office for a full return of your investment.