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Dental Documentation with Confidence (2023 edition)


TOTAL: $89.95

Dental Documentation With Confidence offers the tools to keep you in compliance, minimize risk should you ever be audited, and maximize legitimate reimbursement.  This NEW book ensures you have access to everything you need to know when it comes to obtaining and recording proper documentation. 

There is so much to know and remembering every single detail is not always realistic.  Whether you are new to dentistry or a seasoned member of the dental team, this book will serve you in more ways than you can count.  With this tool in your toolbox, you will be able to document with confidence and focus on what you do best, building trusting and lasting relationships with your patients and providing the quality of care they deserve.

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  • Guidelines for Narratives and Clinical Documentation
  • Electronic Narratives
  • Patient Records - Proper Documentation and Reporting
  • Guidelines by Category of Service
  • Consequences of Improper Documentation


Dr. Charles Blair and team are one of dentistry’s leading authorities on practice profitability, fee analysis, insurance coding and administration, insurance coding strategies, and strategic planning.  Dr. Blair has individually consulted with thousands of practices, helping them to identify and implement new strategies for improved productivity and profitability. He is a nationally acclaimed speaker for dental groups, study clubs, and other professional organizations, and is also a widely read and highly respected author and publisher.  His extensive background and expertise makes him uniquely qualified to share his wealth of knowledge with the dental profession.


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