Revenue Enhancement Services


Is your practice losing hundreds of dollars every single day due to lack of current CDT knowledge, improper fee positioning, and clinical protocols?

If you're not maintaining a balanced fee schedule, implementing up-to-date clinical procedure protocols and using the latest insurance code set, it could cost you tens of thousands of dollars in unrealized profit this year alone.

Don't gamble with the financial health of your practice. Take the guesswork out of fees and treatment protocols with the Revenue Enhancement Program.

The Revenue Enhancement Program utilizes Predictive Error Correction technology.

Program highlights

  • 21/2- hour telephone consultation for the doctor and staff to analyze your insurance coding, clinical protocols, procedure utilization rates, and scope of services with specific recommendations for improvement.
  • Information on any new insurance coding, interpretations, and insurance updates.
  • 1-year complimentary subscription to our online Practice Booster® Code Advisor, a powerful search engine for dental coding and billing, along with sample narratives, pertinent coding articles by Insurance Solutions Newsletter, and much more.
  • Complimentary copy of "Administration With Confidence: The "Go To" Guide For Insurance Administration."
  • One year of follow-up support with answers to you and your staff's questions on insurance and proper coding.
  • Fee schedule rebalancing.

The Revenue Enhancement Program was a vital part of my practice’s success. Because of his well thought out advice, thorough review of our revenue sources, counsel regarding our coding, and his ongoing availability, I was able to sell my practice at age 55 and move on to a fruitful second career: I graduated from seminary (debt free!), was ordained, and now serve joyfully in my church. I urge all the dentists out there to work with Dr. Blair in achieving their practice goals ethically and efficiently.

Rad Orlandi, DDS

Get Started Today

If you're ready to maximize your potential profits with the Revenue Enhancement Program, please download and complete the Data Requirements Form.

Once you've submitted your information, we'll perform a complimentary preliminary assessment within five business days to determine if your practice stands to profit substantially from this program.

If your practice is a good candidate, the cost to proceed is only $1,990 with a tremendous ROI.

For more information, please email Julie Devinney at

New Dentist Program

Are you a new dentist starting or purchasing a practice? This program includes all the advantages of the Revenue Enhancement program as well as establishing setting up you and your practice with the best fee data available in the market place (specifically based on your practice’s zip code area). For more information, please email Julie Devinney at or call 866-858-7596.