Clinical Treatment Analyzer

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Do you know how your practice measures up to your peers’? Do you know how it rates on key factors such as dentist and hygiene procedure mix, hygiene production, hygiene-to-doctor days ratio, new patient flow and overall busyness?

Find out now! Practice Booster’s Clinical Treatment Analyzer SM offers a fresh analytical approach that gauges the clinical treatment tendencies of the dentist hygienist and compares them by percentile to thousands of your peers.

The Clinical Treatment Analyzer SM will provide you with a road map to dramatically improve not only the profitability of your practice but also the quality of patient care. Sign up now so that you aren't leaving any money on the table!

Program highlights

  • A comprehensive 70+ page report encompassing over 50 clinical procedure tendencies of the practice's procedure mix.
  • A practice profile with calculation of 11 monitors, including overall busyness of the dentist/hygienist, new patient flow and hygiene day requirements for doctor busyness, hygiene-to-doctor days ratio and hygiene department replenishment rate.
  • Calculation of 15 hygiene department procedure intensities, including hygiene production related to other hygienists, hygiene department clinical treatment intensity and scaling and root planing treatment intensity.
  • Calculation of 12 doctor clinical procedure intensities, including dentist production related to other dentists, dentist clinical treatment intensity for a multitude of procedures including, core build-up intensity and operative fillings-to-crown ratios.
  • Calculation of 16 monitors that reflect the dentist’s service mix, breadth and intensity level for procedures such as cancer screening tests, endodontics, pediatrics, cosmetics, implants, oral surgery, orthodontics, sedation administration and more.
  • An at-a-glance presentation of your current and future service mix.
  • Fee EqualizerSM technology provides an “apples-to-apples” practice comparison regardless of differences in fee schedules or geographic location.
  • The Work Day EqualizerSM feature provides a level playing field to compare clinical procedure counts regardless of the number of providers or work days per dentist or hygienist.
  • The Money MakerSM feature calculates the potential revenues lost where dentist-mandated clinical protocols are breaking down or the clinical procedure intensity is low compared to peers.

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If you’re ready to find out how you can increase profitability with the Clinical Treatment AnalyzerSM, please download and complete the Data Requirements Form.

The registration fee for this comprehensive program is only $1,690, paid in two monthly installments of $845.

For more information, please contact Practice Booster or call 866-858-7596

Please note: This program is available only to general dentists and prosthodontists.